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EAS System R3400EAS System R3400

EAS System R3400

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Sales price: 6.840,00 EGP
Sales price without tax: 6.000,00 EGP
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Manufacturer: EAS System

EAS R3400-3 RF sensor gate / antenna / system

Quick Details:

Place of Origin: China (Mainland) 
Brand Name: SCCX 
Model Number: R3400 
Material: Dual Metal


Keeping up with the top grade: the 3rd generation DSP processing technology

RF system R3400 is your unique choice for shopping mall and supermarket! security sensor RF alarm system  

1- High quality!

2- Very attractive price!

RF system R3400 compatible with all 8.2MHz hard and soft label as accessories. 


· The system is so durable benefiting from aluminum and titanium alloy and clash-resistance design ,The industry-leading 3D detection technique brings extremely high label detection rate.

· Highest performance-price -ratio R3400 is your unique choice for shopping mall.

· All-intelligent special software control brings extra-wide channel detection capacity.

· Extremely high detection rate and extremely low false alarm rate as well as mature multiple channel networking technique.

· Extra-wide channel detection capacity ,cable free automatic synchronizing system enabling simple and quick installation,

· Excellent 3D technology enables outstanding label detection rate

· High false alarm resistance capacity designed for complex environment

 Technical parameters:


Working Frequency : 8.2MHz

Antenna dimension : 1570X370X30mm

Material : ABS

Alarm Way : sound and light

Synchronization interface  : yes

Detection Range Each Side : 4*4 Label     140-170cm

                                            High-Q 4*4    160-190cm

                                            Mini tag      150-180cm

                                            Large Golf    200-230cm 

Temperature : -15°C-60 °C

Humidity :  ≤ 95% RH

Input Voltage : 24V DC

Working current : 70mA

Power consumption : Less than 12W   
Units in box: 2
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