3055cse ماكينة تصوير مستندات توشيبا ستوديو

كوبير - برنتر - سكنر الوان - فيدر - دوبلكس - نتوورك
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الة تصوير مستندات توشيبا ستوديو الوان 3055c
كوبير - برنتر - سكنر الوان - فيدر - دوبلكس - نتوورك -  درج 2 - ستاند هدية
سعر الفنشير = 18734 جنية


Copying/Printing processIndirect electrostatic photographic method
Print & Copy Speed30 ppm
Warm-up Time1st drawer: A3 - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
Paper Size & Weight1st drawer: A3 - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
2nd drawer: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm) 
Optional 3rd & 4th drawer: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
Optional LCF: A4 (64 - 105 gsm) 
Stack Feed Bypass :320 x 460 mm - 100 x 148 mm (52 - 280 gsm) 
Stack Feed Bypass : BANNER 305 x 1200 mm (90 - 163 gsm) 
ADU: 320 x 460 mm - A5R (60 - 256 gsm)
Paper CapacityDrawer: 2 X 550 Sheets 
Stack Feed Bypass: 100 sheets 
Optional PFP: 550 Sheets 
Optional drawer for PFP: 550 Sheets 
Optional LCF (Pedestal type): 2000 Sheets (Replenish paper on the fly)
Max Paper Capacity3,200 sheets (80gsm, w/Optional LCF)
Paper ExitFace down / Inner exit tray
ProcessorPower PC Appliedmicro APM86190 1.2GH
Memory2 GB (Shared)
ControlPanelTilt type, 9.0" LCD touch-screen & Key Top
DimensionsW 585 x D 644 x H 787 (mm) (Height at original glass)
Weight (Approx)75.5 kg
Power consumptionMax. 2.0kW (220 - 240V)
Operation NoiseLess than 51 dB (Idle)
Less than 74.5 dB (Copying with full option)
Special FeaturesAuto Sleep Mode, Auto Energy Saver, Weekly Timer

Copy Function

Max. Original SizeA3


Scanning 10bits: 600dpi x 600dpi / 1024steps
Color Printing 5bits: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Original Scan Speed50spm (A4 size, 100% single side copy)
Multiple Copy QtyB&W: 6.4 sec (3055C/3555C), 4.7 sec (4555C/5055C)
Colour: 8.1 sec (3055C/3555C), 6.1 sec (4555C/5055C) 
First CopyStd: 10/100/1000BaseTX, USB2.0 (High Speed) 
Opt.: Wireless LAN, IEEE802.11b/g
ZoomOriginal on glass: 25% to 400% (1% Increment)
RADF: 25% to 200% (1% Increment)
Copy ModeB&W: Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Image smoothing
Full Color: Text/Photo, Text, Photo, Printed Image, Map 
Twin Color: Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Mono Color: (applicable to 10 colors) -Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Auto Color Selection (ACS): Text/Photo, Text, Printed Image
Image density controlAutomatic/Manual (11 steps)
Job Memory12,060 Template
Copy FeatureElectronic sorting, ID Card Copying, 2in1/4in1, Interrupt, APS/AMS, Auto Job Start
Edge Erase, Trimming & Masking, Outside Erase, Omit Blank Page, User Calibration

Print Function

Resolution5bits: 600 dpi x 600 dpi 
1bits: 600 dpi x 1200 dpi (PS)
Page Description Languages PCL5e, PCL5c, PCL6(PCL XL), PS3, PDF, XPS
Operating SystemsWindows XP/Windows Vista (32/64 bit) 
Windows 7/Windows 8 (32/64 bit) 
Windows Server 2003/2008 (32/64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 (64 bit) 
Mac OS X ver 10.2.8/10.3.9 (Mac PPD for LaserWriter) 
Max OS X 10.4.11/10.5.7/10.6.8 (OS 10.4 PPD) 
Mac OS 10.7.4, 10.8 
Unix Filter: Solaris ( SUN ), HP-UX, AIX(IBM), Linux, SCO
Interface10/100/1000baseT, USB 2.0/Hi Speed USB
Network Protocol

IPX/SPX, TCP/IP (IPv4,IPv6), EtherTalk, NetBIOS over TCP/IP

Print FeatureScheduled/Private/Hold/Proof Print, Multiple Overlay, Poster print, Tab print
Secure Pattern Printing (Hard Copy Security), Do not Print White Paper 
PostScript Overprint, Spot Color, ICC Profile, Tandem Printing

Scanning Function

Resolution600 x 600 dpi
Scan SpeedPCL5e, PCL5c, PCL6(PCL XL), PS3, PDF, XPS
Scan ModesB&W, Grayscale, Colour
File FormatsB&W: TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single-Page, XPS-Multi/Single Page 
Grayscale & Colour: JPEG, TIFF-Multi/Single page, PDF-Multi/Single Page 
ACS: TIFF-Single page, PDF-Mult/Single page, XPS-Multi/Single Page
Scan AgentScan to File: USB, SMB, IPX/SPX, FTP, FTPS, NetWare over TCP/IP 
Scan to E-mail 
Scan to E-Filing
Scan to WS Scan
Scan FeatureScan Preview, META Scan, Omit Blank Page, Outside Erase, Copy & File
Job Template (Multi Agent)

Fax Option

CompatibilitySuper G3, G3
Data Compression MethodJBIG, MMR, MR, MH
Modem speed33.6kbps --2.4Kbps (automatic fallback)
Transmission speedApprox. 3 sec
Memory Capacity1GB (TOSHIBA Secure HDD)
Fax FeatureFax Preview, Received Fax forward, Network Fax, Internat Fax


KA-1640PCPlaten Cover 
MR-3025RADFCapacity: 100 sheets (A4,80g/㎡)
Paper Size & Weight: A3-A5R,35-157g/㎡(single sided), 
Dimension & Weight: W 575 x D 528 x H 135 mm / 12.5 Kg
KK-2550Accessible Arm 
MJ-1036 NInner FinisherStaple: 50 sheets; Multi position (3 Kinds)
Stationary tray: 100 sheets, Finishing Tray: 500 sheets
Dimension & Weight: 482×508×232 mm / 15.3Kg 
MJ-110750 Sheets 
Staple Finisher 
Staple: 50 sheets; Multi position (3 Kinds); 
Stationary tray: 250 sheets, Finishing Tray: 2000 sheets, 
Dimension & Weight: W535 x D598 x H1,092 mm / 34Kg
MJ-1108Saddle Stitch 
Finisher Name
Staple: 50 sheets; Multi position (3 Kinds); Saddle stitch
Stationary tray: 250 sheets, Finishing Tray: 3000 sheets, 
Dimension & Weight: W617 x D603 x H1,085 mm / 70Kg
MJ-6007EHole Punch UnitTo be installed with MJ-1036N
Dimension & Weight: W 126 x D 464 x H 174 mm / 3.4Kg
MJ-6104EHole Punch UnitFunction: To be installed with MJ-1107/1108
Dimension & Weight: W 112 x D 573 x H 323 mm/ 7Kg
KN-2550Bridge KitRequired for MJ-1107/1108
MJ-5006Job SeparatorUpper Tray: Approx. 150 sheets, Lower Tray: Approx. 250 sheets
Dimension & Weight:  W 426 x D 152 x H 377 mm, Approx. 1Kg
KD-1032NPFPPaper capacity: Approx 550 sheets, 
Paper size & weight: A3-A5R/60-256g/㎡
Dimensions & Weight: W 668 x D 701 x H 292 mm, Approx. 16.3Kg
 MY-1039Drawer ModulePaper capacity: Approx 550 sheets, 
Paper size & weight: A3-A5R/60-256g/㎡
Dimensions & Weight: W 532 x D 575 x H 89 mm, Approx. 3.1Kg
KD-1031A4 LCFPaper capacity: Approx 2000 sheets, 
Paper size & weight: A4/64-105g/㎡
Dimensions & Weight: 575×583×292mm, Approx. 25Kg
GD-1320ASXFAX Board 
GD-1260AU-F2nd Line for FAX Board
GN-1060Wireless LAN Module
GS-1010Meta Scan Enabler
GS-1020External Interface Enabler
GS-1007Unicode Font Enabler
GP-1070Data Overwrite Enabler
GP-1190AHardcopy  Security Printing
GP-1080IPSec enabler 
KP-2005Mifare card reader
KP-2004HID card reader 
MH- 2051Desk 
سعر الحبر = 12020 ج -- معدل = 33600 نسخة
سعر الدرامات = 20555 جنية – معدل = 70.000 نسخة
الديفولبر = 4000 جنية – معدل = 70.000 نسخة
تكلفة طباعة الورقة: 0.47

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